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Sand making Equipment
Sand Washing Machine

Sand Washing Machine

Sand Washing MachineSand washing machine is a wheel bucket type washing and sorting equipment, which can wash and separate stone dust and mud from sand and gravel. The original sealed structure and th ...

Sand Washing Machine

Sand washing machine is a wheel bucket type washing and sorting equipment, which can wash and separate stone dust and mud from sand and gravel. The original sealed structure and the reliable transmission device ensure the good performance of washing and dewatering. Therefore, it’s an efficient sand washing equipment used together with the sand making machine. This series washing machine is arranged with a slant angle of 15°. The section under the water sink is surrounded by three weir plates, forming a sedimentation tank. The spiral head part is merged in the sedimentation tank, and it rotates continuously due to the motor driven by the speed reducer, and is supplied with washing water by the perforated plates at the bottom of the sedimentation tank. This equipment has three functions as washing, dewatering and grading.

Scope of application

This series of sand washing machines are widely applicable to washing, grading, impurity removal and other operations in metallurgy, building materials, hydropower and other industries, and suitable for the washing of fine and coarse-grained materials. It is suitable for building sand and road building sand. It is especially used for washing, sorting and dewatering sand and "70" sand for casting, quartz sand for glass factory and pressure sand for oil well backfilling for construction sites, sand and stone factories, hydropower stations, concrete dam sites, post and telecommunication pole factories. For sand production line, sand making machine, sand washing machine, vibrating screen, feeder and crusher are essential sand making products.

Fig. Sand Washing Machine

Outstanding advantages

Wheel bucket type sand washing machine produced by our company is the most widely used high-efficiency sand washing equipment used with sand making machine in China currently. Compared with spiral type sand washing machine, it has the characteristics of low energy consumption, large processing capacity, high cleaning degree, reasonable structure, low failure rate, less sand loss and so on, making the finished sand fully meet the national standard for building sand. Sand Washing Machine has the following performance characteristics:

1. The Sand Washing Machine has high cleaning degree and less sand loss in the process of sand washing, especially its transmission part is isolated from water and sand, so the failure rate of the sand washing machine is much lower than that of the commonly used sand washing machine at present; 

2. The reasonable structure, novel sealing structure, fully enclosed oil bath transmission device and adjustable overflow weir plate ensure the high efficiency, durability, good cleaning and dewatering effects of the series of products and the stability of fine products; 

3. Large processing capacity and low power consumption; 

4. Water saving, pollution-free and durable; 

5. Simple maintenance.

Working principle

When the sand washing machine is working, the motor drives the impeller to rotate slowly after decelerating through the V-belt, reducer and gear, The sand flow into washing launder from feeding launder, rolls with the impellor, and grinds each other. The impurity covering the sand is washing away, and the water vapor layer covering the sand particles is destroyed for dewatering. At the same time, add more water, the strong water flow will take away waste and some low-weight wastes from washing launder. Through the above process, the washing function is finished. Finally, the sand goes to the out launder from the rotary impellor to finish the washing task.

Technical parameter

Sand making Equipment

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